03. June 2021
Understanding The Conveyancing Stages Of Buying A House
Even for pros, conveyancing stages can be confusing. We have simplified them for you into six snackable steps.
12. May 2021
Things You Should Know About Deceased Estate Transfers
Here are a few basic things you should know about deceased estate transfers, including how to transfer the properties.
15. April 2021
5 Strategies to Negotiate House Price
Here are the 5 strategies you should do if you want the best deal when negotiating the price of your dream home, but you don't have time for bargaining process
15. March 2021
Top 5 Advantages of Hiring a Conveyancer
Conveyancers are a fantastic option if you want to make the process stress-free and easygoing. You don’t want bundles of legal paperwork causing you sleepless nights.
06. March 2019
Calling out to previous NT Home Owners! The Territory Home Owner Discount applies to any Territory home buyer who is purchasing a new home or an established home on or after 8 February 2019. The Territory government is allowing up to $18,601.00 stamp duty concession for all established homes (providing you have not held any relevant interest in a property in the NT in the past 24 months) and an additional $20 000 grant for a person who purchases or builds a new home. What amazing incentives!
26. April 2018
We are available to assist you with your residential needs. Voeuk Conveyancing is focused and prides itself on providing efficient and quality conveyancing services, offering value for money at competitive rates. · specialise in property transactions; · personalised and professional service; · Stress free and affordable competitive fee; · efficient streamline processes saving you time & money; and · excellent response times, never leaving you in the lurch!